198860_5083701429_6518_nOur thoughts only come from one of two places: love or fear.

What if you had no fear?

Fear is a normal and common part of the human experience. It is also debilitating and often sneaky. It dresses up as rational thought or “being realistic”, when in truth it is irrational. It can come from a desire to protect ourselves from either the threat of attack, accidental harm or rejection and isolation. Pretty useful really, except when the threat is entirely imagined. And even when the threat is real, or only partly imagined, here’s why we still don’t need fear: fear causes us to defend ourselves, love causes us to protect ourselves. 

Do you want to play a game to tap into thoughts that come from a place of love?

You might be saying “ yes, but”, yes that’s all very well, but in the real world there are fears and they are real and justified, about money, safety, going outside of societies norms. That’s understandable, but remember that being fearless doesn’t rule out protecting yourself or others.

When children play, they experiment and they learn. As adults we have become trained to want to know what we are doing, what the outcome should be, and focus on being productive. Put that training aside for a moment.

What follows is a game. Just play.

What would you do if you had no fear?

What would you do tonight if you had no fear?

What would you do next year if you had no fear?

What would you say to your closest loved one if you had no fear?

What would you like to be the legacy of your life if you had no fear?

What else do you want if you were without fear?

Was it fun? If not maybe try again. How would you answer those questions if you had no fear?

I’m not telling you to act on anything that came up necessarily, but you’re a grown up, you knew that. What I do advocate is listening to the desires that came up when the fear is not stopping them. What desires were hiding in there? How might they shape your life? Your happiness? Your purpose? I also advocate listening to the protection that arises, it comes from love, but beware its evil twin defence.

Our thoughts only come from one of two places: love or fear.

What fearless, loving thoughts are coming up for you? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below or on email angela@coachingandretreats.com 

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