Our work will be led by your inner voice, getting clear on what is important to you in your life be it career, finances, relationships, health, creativity – whatever area in which you are ready for growth.

You’ll learn to make powerful choices, moving from where you are now to taking active steps with clarity and confidence.

Once you’re clear on what you really want you can tap into the well of energy and resources within you to make it happen.

With a considered plan and awareness of what might get in your way (from outside or in) you can achieve with ease, what previously seemed unachievable. It might seem out of your comfort zone now but once you’re there you’ll realise it’s where you’re meant to be.

A bit of my story

I always had a knack for setting my sights on something, figuring out how to get there and doing it. Be it writing story lines for TV soaps or travelling far and wide producing corporate films for global brands, I could take aim and make things happen. But there was often a niggle when I got to what, on paper, looked like a dream job. Why don’t I feel as great as this looks? There’s got be more? Time and again I acted on that niggle but it took me a while to learn how to really listen to it. Being coached in depth invited me to dig deep inside. I’ve been learning tools to focus on what’s really important ever since. Listening deeply inside is how I find true alignment in all areas of my life. My personal inner work focusses on self-awareness, exploring the ways in which I suppress and express myself. Listening to my inner voice until it will no longer stay quiet. Confidence comes on the other side of acting from true authenticity. And of course I’m still learning and growing. I gained the ICF accredited Professional Coaching Skills Diploma from Coaching Development.

Hear from people who’ve worked with Angela

Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.

John C. Maxwell

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