Coaching allows you to listen deeply, connect to what you really want, then figure how you’re going to be, do and have the life you desire. Simple… sometimes easy…

Angela Davenport works face to face in South Manchester or via Skype or phone. Sessions can be 60/90/120 mins. Day long intensives are available, tailored to you.

I know how change can take time and persistence. I know tumultuous it can be, and how spacious. I know the euphoria of breakthrough. I know the pain of growth. I know the joy of blooming. I know the grief of loss. I also know the benefit of having someone skilled on your team. Someone who “gets it”. Someone who gets you. Someone who gets what you want in the world. While those who love you wish you well, they can try and keep you safe in ways that are hindering you.

Having someone who trusts that you are safe (and checks on it) can free you to have the courage to lose sight of the shore in order to discover new lands. Someone to hold you to the course of the destination that you have set. Someone to guide you back to skills you need to steer you there, some you already have and some you need to master. Someone to help you navigate the rocks that you identify. Someone to remind you that it can be plain sailing sometimes, so you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

My preferred way of working is consistently, over a relatively long period, like a year. Partnering this way, creates deeply reaching change in many areas.

Ultimately it’s about what you want and need. You might be ready to dive deep and go long haul. You might be looking for a simple jumping off point. You might not know yet.

Do you know that you are looking for someone to work with to be your guide, while you lead yourself into new territory?

Are you looking for space to get new perspective, see the road you’re on, and assess what other avenues might be available to you?

Prices start at £85 for an hour session to £150-£300 per month for a mid to long-term partnership package.

However deep we dive, however fast we climb, we co-create it. The work is the way, and we are each co-equally responsible for it.

Interested? Book a free consultation and see what happens. If you have butterflies of possibility in your stomach, I’m excited to meet you. I’m excited to see your potential coming to the fore. I’m excited to see the glass walls that surround you, fall away. I’m excited to see you be you.

Get in touch.


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