We are terrified of it. We busy and distract ourselves from it. Reach for our phones, food, shopping, anything to avoid the void.

Silence is one of the most powerful tools for a coach. It feels very uncomfortable for many people, they desperately want to fill the gap, or have me fill it, but allowing the space gives room for truth and wisdom to pour forth.

We have learned to be scared of nothingness. It has caused us to fill our lives and our homes, sometimes to breaking point.

But when we fill our lives with anything, we miss out on the right things.

And we wonder why we feel unfulfilled.

At this time of year the earth becomes bare. The night is at its longest, the day is at its shortest. I advocate clearing out the year and relishing nothingness for just this short time.

The winter solstice is a beautiful time to allow the field of your life to lie fallow.

It prepares the ground.

What if you allowed an area of your life to be empty? What if you stopped trying to fill it?

Let go of everything you know about it? Let go of everything you want for it and allowed absolutely nothing?

Scared? Liberated? Both?

This is not how it will always be. That’s the fear. That if we don’t control, do, plan, fill, we will unravel and never have what we want. But the opposite is true.

The more we can clear and let go of the plans and dreams, allow nothing, the quicker the right thing comes in to our lives.

The beautiful of nothingness can do its job.

No plans. No rules. No castles to build and fill. No judgements. No shoulds. Nothing.

Desires will come in. They can be sweet. Let them go for now.

Let the ground become more fertile still.

And when all the elements are right, the seed will make itself known to you. The right seed. It will flow into your life without very much effort at all and begin to take hold.

It will be so perfect you’ll wonder if it was sent just for you.

Is that it? Life gets magically sorted by doing nothing?

Not quite. There will be work, yes. But that is for another season.

Slow down.

Without winter, summer will not fully flourish.  

This is just a part of the process.

For now, emptiness.

Make space. Allow nothing. Get ready to receive.



Notice yourself reaching for something today and see if you can embrace nothingness instead.

I’d love to hear what pops into your life in the wake of nothingness?

Or what has already from a past experience? 



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