cropped-20150513_200054-e14355109697651.jpgHow are you with goodbyes? Personally I drag them out, I usually leave at least 15 minutes after I say I’m going to. I’m astounded by people who say they are leaving and then just go ahead and leave!

Sometimes we wish to delay the moment of separation as long as possible.

Sometimes we do it quick and efficient to get past the moment of separation.

Sometimes, goodbye is satisfying, we’re fulfilled with the experience and ready to leave it behind.

How do you mark the end of the year, say goodbye to it and greet the new one?

I actually don’t drag out my goodbyes as much as I used to. I can let go of people more easily because I know how to be more present when I am with them, to give and receive what I can. So when the natural time to part arrives, it is no longer scares me, it is no longer the moment I am prompted to face that I haven’t got what I wanted from the occasion. 

Life is precious. Truly, deeply precious. 2015 has been a whole year of life. You are a year older and wiser. 

Do you want to leave this year satisfied and ready to move on?

Whatever the year has brought you, you can leave it feeling fulfilled.

By connecting to your year and all it has brought you, you will allow all your experiences to be felt and acknowledged.

This allows that sense of satisfaction that means it is a contented pleasure to then say goodbye, like a party where you actually talked and connected with everyone you wanted to, and can leave content, not wanting more time or having stayed too long.

If there is longing for more of something then you can note it for next year, but for now it is about letting go. No need to rush ahead to 2016 yet!

Choose when you will do this. If you don’t schedule it will you make it real? I suggest 10/15 minutes in the evening over the next week or so, that way as things bubble up in your memory you can add to your list.

A leisurely appreciative goodbye to the year will unearth insightful moments.

Connect to 2015 through these questions and any others you choose:  

What are you grateful for? What did the universe gift YOU that it hasn’t gifted everyone?

What did you learn? Older and wiser whether you like it or not – what do you truly know now that you didn’t 12 months ago? About yourself? About life? About a subject?

What inspired you? What place, person or thing touched you and invited you to have / want more of it in your life?

Who did you love? Who have been the people who have brought the most out of you through your relationship to them? Fleeting or familiar, who made your year?

Small wins! What have been the things that have made you smile. We are curious folk, what little things have delighted you this year?

Big wins! What were the highlights of your year? This was the year that you…?

Challenges? What did life send your way that you was challenging for you? How did you navigate it? 

What might have been? What didn’t happen that you wanted to? Be honest. Be gentle.

Regrets? Does anything weigh heavy on your heart from this year? Who or what do you need to forgive to let go of this regret? What do you need to learn from it?

Your team. Who has been part of your inner circle this year? Who have you shared the year with? Who has been rooting for you through your challenges and smiling with you at your small wins? Who have you done the same for this year? As you recall your nearest and dearest notice what your relationship brings up in you. Is there room to be more open to their love? Or a desire to be more boundaried?

What are you proud of this year? Achievements, challenges faced, contributions made, relationships developed…what are you proud of? Be honest. Bragging is good for you.

Start this work and know that you have all year to finish it! And of course add anything else that is relevant to you.

You will emerge from this work knowing yourself a little better, who you are is directly related to your purpose in life. 

You could invite a friend to do the same and make a little ceremony of sharing your acknowledgements.

The long darkness loves a fire so why not make one (safely) and burn your acknowledgments. It is great for letting go of things whether you deem them good or bad, let the flames take your year and all the meaning you have given it and start fresh.

This work will clear the space and lay the ground for the work of filling 2016 with the life you want. If you want the garden to flourish, you need to prepare the ground.

I’ll follow up this post with a piece on creating the intentions and actions for the 2016 of your dreams. Get ready!


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