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The seasons come and go, but they don’t just stop and start.

The seasons don’t change suddenly, although the weather might. 

The seasons transition.

There is no one specific moment when autumn has “made it”. “It” happens in conjunction with summer for a while and then with winter, and along the way we get all the things we call autumn.

Our lives are a series of seasons. 

At this time of year we’re often longing for summer to be here. It makes me a little sad, how many people tell me they “need” to book a holiday to have something to look forward to. Can life be beautiful now, and look forward to summer?


Imagine there is something in your life that you would like to be different? Health, house, relationship, work, whatever. Pick something, we all have something, right?

Imagine that area in your life being at its fullest, the most energy and power, really blossoming. Let’s call that summer, for that area of your life.

Sometimes when we imagine things that we really want, fear based responses can pop up: that’s not possible (for me); it would take too much to get there; I have to make this happen or I’ve failed; this means everything to me, I have to do it or I’ll never be happy – or versions of all of them.

These are common thoughts, but they aren’t helpful. Even the ones which propel forward movement can trap us.  

As we’re just playing a game these thoughts aren’t needed. They have no power in a game. If they pop up, let them know you’re just playing.

Return to what it is you’d like to be different and enjoy a little day dream of how wonderful that could be in full bloom. Play with what it could be like.    

And now think of the same area of your life today. Whether you judge it as good or bad, note all the ways in which it exists for you (which may be about lack). What are its strengths? What are the things you do in relation to this? Today is summer too. Today that area of your life is as powerful as it can possibly be.

It might look completely different to the summer you dreamed of but that is a different summer, in a different year. In fact it is the next summer, a full year away.

You can’t jump straight to it, you can’t skip a year. Nor can you know everything that will happen in the coming year. Well not in this game anyway.

Now play with the seasons.

How does autumn need to come into your life to celebrate all the bounty of the current summer? To acknowledge and enjoy the warmth that remains? What does it need to help break down? To start to loosen with its winds? How beautiful could it be as the leaves fall? How much fun?

As winter comes to play what does it need to strip back to its bare minimum? What mess does it need to make? The dead leaves on the floor will ultimately nourish later growth, what needs to be in your mulch? What rains need to mix with the leaves to make it?

As winter takes hold, what might you need to bear? Does this area of your life need to be quiet, empty, still? Does it need to rest? Do you need to allow space for the new seeds to germinate? How might you enjoy the darkness, make it pretty and magical?  

How might spring gently emerge from winter? What would it look like for this area of your life to thaw and tiny buds appear? What gentle ways could new life appear? How could you protect those fragile shoots? What do they need? As the joy of spring builds what is happening?  Might you still need cooler days? What does the sun allow to happen when it shines brightly on this?

As summer comes, how does the strength and energy build? The energy is higher, the opportunities greater, what is happening? How is it effortless? What has the work of the previous seasons allowed to be possible? What are you able to enjoy most?

What have you learned over the year?

What might happen if you followed the seasons in real time? Allowed them to play in your life for real?

What if you tuned into the season in your life today, what would it prompt?    

For life to transition from where you are, to where you want to be can be overwhelming. I believe in flow and transition over willpower. For you to “make” everything happen is too much. So let the seasons do it with you.

The tree doesn’t make itself blossom, it allows itself to do so with the seasons, the weather, the other trees, all of it. It’s not all on you. But it is possible for you.  





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