We run 2 signature retreats in the hills of Hebden Bridge: Hebden One and Hebden Two (we like to keep things simple). Together they form a 6 month programme of transformation and empowerment.

I gained a renewed sense of self, inspiration and confidence.

Aleyna, Suffolk. Click here for more testimonials.

Hebden One is for women looking to take some time to reflect, reconnect and re-energise. Often it feels like our lives run us rather than us running our own lives. Here is an opportunity to step back, acknowledge your achievements and look at how your life is now. From this place you’ll make choices to step into the life you’ve been hoping you’ll live “some day”. You might not know what it looks like yet but you know it’s happier, less stressful, healthier and more aligned than where you are.

An inspirational, fun, informative and mind-altering weekend which touched all the senses.

Amarjot, West London. Click here for more testimonials.

Hebden One provides the space for nurturing growth and powerful support. You are seen and heard without judgement and you bare witness to other women connecting with their deepest desires and navigating their hindering fears (we all have them). It is a powerful process and it is made richer by the women you share it with. It’s an ancient privilege to share in a circle of women and the support and empowerment it creates is immeasurable.

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Your individual journey is then consolidated with a 1:1 coaching session after the retreat to springboard you into your next phase. As you embded changes and enjoy the new possibilities open to you, you continue to share in the entirely private Facebook group.

I felt the warmth and open-heartedness of everyone and it helped me to feel safe enough to be vulnerable. I also got a fascinating insight into the lives of other women which was invaluable.

Kirstie, Manchester. Click here for more testimonials.

Later in the year, Hebden Two opens exclusively for the women in your circle. Together you enjoy group coaching calls in the 2 months prior to the second retreat. It’s a period to build on the growth you’ve already created, and then a joyful reunion with the women in your circle back for a second long weekend in Hebden Bridge. Hebden Two sets you up to fly solo with consolidation of tools to keep you connected to your path where fun, success and abundance flow.

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Your circle of women will continue on-line or in person, as its members choose – it’s your circle. There is no obligation to join Hebden Two if you come on the first retreat however, the invitation to Hebden Two is exclusive to the women of the circle.

2015 offers an opportunity to join a circle on The Hebden Retreat. Hebden One runs in September for The Birch Circle and continues with Hebden Two in March 2016.

Hebden Two in March 2015 is open for booking exclusively for those in The Aspen Circle who completed Hebden One last September.

Enlivening, real, sacred time, (re)treat, girding!

Charlie, Manchester. Click here for more testimonials.

The Hebden Retreats were created to make nourishing the mind, body and soul available to all (well, just you brilliant women for now, sorry brilliant men). Whilst it is a rich experience it isn’t about luxury and we work seriously hard to make it affordable. There is a sliding scale of price options depending on how many share a room and every retreat offers one place to be on our team and help in the kitchen for a hefty 50% discount.

For all the juicy details and practicalities click here for Hebden One and here for Hebden Two.

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