Love has changed throughout the years, as I have learnt to grow.

I see it, feel it, differently, now I know what I did not know.

The One who’ll make me feel it, is no longer, over there.

But envelops me now, like a cloak, and loves me as much as I dare.


What if you were to stop seeking love? What if you were to rest in love, today? Imagine lying back into a hammock only to realise you are cocooned in love? What if you didn’t long for it to be given to you, but you allowed it to flood into you? Seep into you from every part of life?

What if love were in every molecule on the planet? What if love is dark matter? That unknowable, undeniable element? Universal. What if you trusted it is there, as you do with gravity?

Allow love to rise up from the earth below and enter into you from the soles of your feet. Draw it up. Allow it to sink into you through your skin as the wind caresses your face, as light from the sun beams on to you. Drink it in. Ride the waves of love in each breath. Let them crash on the shores of your heart. Breathe it in. Let it fill up your chest.

If that feels too much, then simply crack open your heart a little, even just a very little, to the possibility that you are surrounded by love. Let it trickle in, like a stream on a mountain side. Let it spread a sweet smile across your face, knowing that indeed, you are loved.

End your affair with seeking love, and receive it.

Rest In Love.

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