Our purpose is to provide a gateway to the fullest expression of your life: fulfilment, freedom, contribution, creativity, growth and joy.

Our purpose is to provide the inspiration, resources and in-person support that will allow you to be your highest self.

Coaching and retreats are the space to invite you to be your best self and live the life of success that is right for you. Your happiness isn’t self indulgent it will serve the world.

How might you like to contribute to the world?

Our Co-operative Principles

As coaches we joined forces to create beautiful retreats and workshops. We believe in working with skilled practitioners to create holistic change. We work with co-operative principles of fairness and sharing profits. We are not in this for individual prosperity out of competition but to support us all to thrive.

Working co-operatively is natural and human. It’s also good business.  

As a co-operative we provide a fair working model.

By joining our skills together and sharing the profit we provide an outstanding service and make it hugely worthwhile for our clients, participants and ourselves.

Together we are stronger

Our ethos is for everyone to share their passions with the world.

We share ours so that others might do the same.

We are stronger when we ask for help.

Allowing another to be a contribution to you is one of the biggest gifts you can give to that person.


 Angela Davenport





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