We get one precious life and every year we get a new burst of it. A fresh injection. Welcome to spring. Let’s receive it. Forget botox, get a shot of spring!

Yesterday I FELT full of the joys of spring. A phrase we might know well, but is it an experience we know how to feel? For many years I did not. I was disconnected from the seasons, from feeling them and their affects on me. Disconnection is something many of us know. Its impact can gnaw away inside. Whereas connection, whether to the seasons, the land, your heart, animals or other humans; true connection doesn’t gnaw, it flows. True connection to your inner experience – even if the experience isn’t joyful – flows and leads to deeper authenticity and clarity on who you are, and how you want to show up in the world.

When connection to the season of spring flows, it flows as the vibrant, joyful energy of new life. New life is everywhere. To witness a new human life coming into the world is incredible. There is a rush of euphoria that life has been created and safely delivered. That same euphoria is the joy of spring, although it might not be quite as intense as watching childbirth! Still, it is the same life coming forth and right now it is everywhere. The trees are doing it, the frogs are doing it, the sheep are, the shrubs, the flowers… they are all bringing to the world the life that they have been nurturing for months. The seeds were planted and nourished and now, finally they are bursting out into the world. Is there a greater miracle? When you are outside today, look for signs of it. Drink it in. Feel the joy of spring. We know only too well the pain of death, the tragedy of extinction. Let’s get connect to the season of life. Celebrate it.

This miracle is in your life. You have this power too. You planted seeds in winter (however intentionally) and they are coming to life now. Where are the signs of new life coming into your life? Can you receive them? Connect to them. You don’t have to do anything to be in spring. Simply feeling it will fill you with energy and hope, and then if the ideas for the nurturing action come up, take them, take the risk, use the energy of spring. You can add to the new life all around, or you can simply enjoy it. Either way, I wish you all the joys of spring.

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