the woods

This is a space for you to muse, reflect and connect.

Rarely in the world is there an entirely judgement-free space. The forest is one. The trees have seen it all before. The river has washed over it all before, and will do so again. The plants and animals don’t understand your concepts of “should”, of “good” and “bad”. They understand life and death, the warmth of summer, the sweeping away of autumn and the calm and still of winter. They understand that life withdraws and rests until it is ready to burst forth again in spring and summer.

But we forget the truth of nature. We get caught up in the worlds we dream up in our heads. Each human has access to the same range of human emotions. Each human can take a seat in just one chair at any one time. Deep down, we all fear the same thing and desire the same thing.

The online forest is an anonymous space to explore what is true for you in this moment. Often we don’t believe we “allowed” to feel our feelings, that we “shouldn’t” for any number of reasons. We learned to repress emotions. Perhaps we were taught that we had to stay strong, put up with it and carry on. Perhaps we were taught that how we felt was “wrong” in some way. Perhaps we learnt that only positive emotions were “good”.

They forest doesn’t judge how you feel, it simply gives you space to express it, to feel it. To be witnessed. The need to be heard is a very fundamental human one. In the noise of the world it can feel difficult to be heard. The forest is a space to explore your voice and what needs to be expressed.

I created the online the online forest as a space for people to be held and heard at any time. It’s free and anonymous. My hope is that it allows people greater access to their truth. It is not a replacement for real forests or conversations with real people! Please feel free to explore the forest in safety.

If we connected to truth online, more often than projecting or believing someone else’s projection, I believe we’d create more beauty, care and abundance in the world, both online and off.

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