IMG_0190 Just a few days ago, Summer was reaching out to us and we were reaching back. We delighted in the blue sky and drank in the feeling of warmth on our faces. Our fingers and Summer’s touched for a moment, but it wasn’t enough to get a grasp and she slipped away. She’s gone now and it’s cold.

But in every cell of our body we know she’ll return. We don’t doubt it. We trust. Summer is coming.

We keep preparing for her. We anticipate her arrival, we delight in each sign of Spring. We make plans. We sort stuff. We take action. We wish for her. Perhaps we also moan about how long she is taking, although we know this never makes any difference to when she arrives. We live life with the full intention that Summer will come. And she will.

It is the same with the “summer” of our own lives: all the things you wish to come to fruition; your work, your impact in the world, your relationships, your health, your finances, your connection, your aliveness. Don’t give up on them because they are not yet in full bloom and because you don’t have experience of them blooming, yet.


Celebrate every tiny shoot, cheer on each sign of spring. Tend to your dreams. Nourish your goals. Nurture your desires. Give them the food, water and light that they need. And when the first shoots are tiny and fragile, don’t dismiss them as “not good enough”. They are the signs of Spring, the forerunner to Summer and we have to have the tiny shoots in order to have the lush forest. Do what you can and then rest. Let nature, let life, play their part. Have faith that summer is coming because she is. And whatever you are tending and giving your attention to, that is what will bloom fullest. Where is your attention going?

What signs of impending Summer in your life, can your nurture during early Spring?

She’s coming. Trust.



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