Angela encourages me and challenges me to dig very deep and really explore – what do I really really want?

The things that come out of my mouth when I’m pushed to answer this question have made me feel uncomfortable – but ultimately have allowed me to start to articulate and imagine the life I truly want. I once I started articulating it, I could start to make it happen.

With absolute determination (combined with unlimited kindness and enthusiasm!) Angela has empowered me to start building the life I want.  

There’s no hiding with Angela – she will challenge you to tackle whatever you are procrastinating over and to take responsibility for overcoming whatever obstacles are in the way.

It’s not an easy process, but it’s truly magical. My life has changed dramatically in the last year.  I feel like I’ve turned the volume up on my life. And a lot of that is down to the work I’ve done with Angela.

Katya Willems, entrepreneur

I quickly saw the benefits of my sessions with Angela as she helped me to assess what was important to me, not just in my career, but in my life. And she gave me the belief that I could make the changes necessary to get to where I wanted to be. The changes came quite drastically. A career opportunity presented itself to me and Angela’s support and guidance helped me to take it with both hands. She helped me to channel stress in the right way, worked on coping strategies to ward off procrastination and set me daily targets to keep me focussed and make the best use of my time.

I approached life coaching with an open mind, but not without a little scepticism. I wasn’t sure how it would help me. All I knew was, I needed help. When I had my first session with Angela, I was a soap opera story writer and had recently been overlooked for promotion, yet again. I’d been doing the same job for eight years. I felt like I’d hit a wall and no matter how hard I worked, my career wouldn’t progress any further. I was ready for a complete change but was nervous about the upheaval this would entail. Without Angela, I am absolutely positive that right now I’d have another hard luck story instead of my dream job as a scriptwriter.

Angela’s a supportive, intuitive, honest and insightful coach. Her sessions are focussed on her client’s needs and she’s a warm and open person who will put you at ease whilst exploring sometimes very personal territory. I can’t recommend hiring Angela to be your coach strongly enough.

Cardy O’Donnell, writer

I’m in awe of what a great coach Angela is. When she’s in her zone she’s so focussed, she’s unstoppable!

Having been coached by Angela over a number of sessions across a month, I felt safe and respected and found myself opening up about areas of my life I had never spoken about before with anyone.  Angela’s perceptive listening skills led me to creating awareness and where necessary following through on to make changes in my day to day life.

Angela has the ability to pull out the things in you that you never thought were there, but always respects what the client wants and I always felt comfortable that the sessions were run on my terms yet with a balanced coach client relationship.

I have had the opportunity to be coached by Angela on a number of different occasions and have only had more powerful experiences with her as time has gone by.  Nothing beats a good coaching session than feeling truly listened to, and I always felt this with Angela as a coach.

Amarjot Bhogal linkedin, coach

What I have found is that taking time out to think is massively important, but even more so is having someone with the skills, drive and desire to help direct that thinking process. It is not easy to take that time out in today’s world. At the time I worked with Angela, I was out of work and becoming disillusioned with the whole job-hunting process. However, I won’t necessarily correlate having a job now with Angela’s coaching, but shortly after our final session, I found myself in a position of having 3 job offers in my hand and having to make that difficult choice of which one to pick. I feel that one of the points that led to success were that I approached the job interviews with a different attitude to my previous ones, in that I was both positive and demonstrated enthusiasm with ideas and willingness to try and understand what it was that the employer wanted and needed. And how I could help. There was something different about my approach that gave the employers something to think about.

My take on coaching was pretty sceptical before I engaged with Angela and I wasn’t sure how to take it at first. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to achieve, even. However, Angela is a fantastic listener, and she helped me to find answers within myself that I would not have been able to find on my own. We had 4 sessions together, during which time I rediscovered an essence of the person I feel I am, and who I really want to be. This is where Angela’s key strength lies, in that even though I arrived as an open book while bringing a level of scepticism to the process, Angela brought me down a path that I felt comfortable exploring.
Admittedly, there were a couple of emotionally charged moments where realisations would hit like a sledgehammer. It was during these realisations that Angela helped draw out the root causes of those charged moments. Helping me dig deeper into myself to work out where the emotion came from and why. Through our sessions we defined activities that would help keep me on track, outside of the sessions, to continue moving down the road of self-awareness.
I still have a long way to go as I feel I have only scratched the surface of recovering the person I wanted to be when I was younger, before I became involved in corporate life and general life politics and threw up protective barriers around myself. I want to be a better person as it makes me and my family happier. I would certainly recommend Angela, and would advise that anyone thinking about being coached by Angela approach the process with an open mind and a willingness to explore the depths of their feelings. It works.
Andy Janeja linkedin IT specialist

Angela is supremely professional and quickly identifies and understands the issues.She has a wonderful subtle way of boosting your self-confidence which you only truly appreciate several hours later. Angela is an amazing life coach. She is naturally a warm person with exceptional empathy and insight; talking to Angela is like talking to a best friend without the judgements and opinions. Angela is a brilliant, sympathetic listener who you are immediately at ease with and want to talk to for hours. You very quickly have such a high respect and admiration for Angela that you lose your inhibitions and are comfortable considering things that Angela suggests that you wouldn’t consider from anyone else.

Adrian Herring, sports coach

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